More rain in Oahu

by sam on 2nd January 2015

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Before the waves picked up

We were supposed to have one last big trip in Hawaii, whale watching in the Pacific Ocean with a bit of dolphin swimming afterwards. It was something we were all desperate to do, the dolphin bit has been on all our bucket lists forever, but we took a gamble.

We could have done a dolphin swim in the wild in almost every location we have been (except the Thai Jungle, maybe) but the humpback whale watching was an additional bonus we could only do in Hawaii at this time of year, and booked it for our last day. Our flight wasn't til 10pm so what a great filler of 4 hours... But the weather wasn't on our side, and the start of the 2nd storm (that later delayed our flight by a few hours) to hit the dry-we-never-get-rain-on-this-side-of-the-island came half hour before our boat was due to leave. The gamble didn't pay off, but there will be another time somewhere I am sure.

We were absolutely gutted, it was our big finale, it's not us being spoilt, we 100% appreciate every single little thing we have done over the last few weeks, but we were all very excited. To make things feel worse, on land it really didn't look like it was bad out there at all, and other companies were still taking their boats out to dolphin spot, but we decided the captain had obviously made the decision for a reason.

The first image for blog - More rain in Oahu

So we drove up to the furthest point North you can get to by car on the West coast and stopped for a play on the beach, and within an hour we could see a bit more clearly what the captain had been talking about as the waves started growing and growing!

The first image for blog - More rain in Oahu

Oops! This was before we found the really, really cheap outlet!

And as the rain started to come, we did the only thing we could do on your last day, when you've checked out of your accomodation... Went and found the outlet mall and bought an extra holdall to fill ;-)

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