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"Can we go to a cafe tomorrow?" Yes ok, do you fancy cake? "No, I need some more free wifi!"
by Frey - At 11pm
"It feels like this house is slanted!"
by J - While staying on the steepest Street in the world
A Monkery ...
by Sammy - In Bangkok when the kids asked Mummy where all the Monks lived
There's a kangaroo sign ... Is anybody interested?!
by Liss - Whilst driving through Cairns
Do they have WI-FI?
by Everyone - Anytime they enter a building :-D
by Freya - When J ate a fried bamboo worm from a Bangkok street market stall
"But I didn't get to watch a film yet!!"
by Liss - Said when the plane had been cancelled and sent back to the terminal for repairs