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The first image for blog - Hollywood!!

Last night we flew from Honolulu to Los Angeles. We only had a 6hr flight so had no idea what the kids would be like on arrival, and had a back up list of day-hotels (we discounted the day-motels from our list...gross!) to check into for if they were horrifically tired, but they were really excited when we landed to go see Hollywood.

The first image for blog - Hollywood!!

Recommended Brekkie spot

We had a 9 hour layover there now, not the 12 anticipated due to delays in Hawaii from the storm. The flight was our bumpiest by far, flying right through lightening, everyone else seemed to sleep luckily, but I was torn between watching the lightening so close up and petrified of the roller coaster turbulence. I am so glad I watched a British Airways film on turbulence before we left, it really has helped understand it better and taken away loads of the fear on all the other flights...but not so much on this one!

The first image for blog - Hollywood!!

We got off the equivalent of the tube at Hollywood and Vine and stepped straight right out onto the Hollywood walk of fame stars, but they looked so out of place in this tired, run down part of town. I think I would have been a little bit gutted if I earnt a star and ended up down this end of Hollywood Boulevard!

We asked around for the best place for a good quick breakfast, and were pointed in the direction of the "Burger factory;" Funny little Mexican place, bit of a shabby diner but after a night flight and at 9am on a Sunday morning, it tasted great and was packed with people...perfect.

The first image for blog - Hollywood!!

As we walked further up the increasingly glamorous Boulevard we caught our first glimpse of the Hollywood sign, probably a couple of miles away up the hill, but we weren't expecting to see it there, so as it caught our eyes when we crossed the road, it was one of those "Wow, we are actually here" moments.. We've had a few of those!

There were many moments of recognition across the day from various films, most of them by J obviously, but a much better way to kill a few hours than sit at the airport, and as our luggage was checked all the way to Heathrow, it was easy to do.

We continued our star-on-the-floor spotting, then swapped to foot and handprint spotting outside the Chinese Theatre. Next to this is the Dolby Theatre where the Oscars are held, and saw a whole bunch of wannabes dressed up that you could have your photo taken with for a dollar or 2. It has such a feel of Disney world about the place, it just felt like wandering round a set, not a real street, the buildings, the people... It's surreal!

The first image for blog - Hollywood!!

Banana split on Hollywood Boulevard

We were hoping to go round the original Disney movie theatre , that still has the old style organist playing music to the film you are watching, but our delay earlier in the day meant no time for that, so we had banana split in the Disney chocolate shop overlooking it all, and then headed back to the airport for our final leg home :-)

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by Julie on 5th January 2015

Glad you had blue skies for your last day. All looks amazing. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Welcome home guys! X

by Thay on 5th January 2015

Thank you so much for taking us with you on your adventure with you. We have thoroughly enjoyed your blogs.XX

by Dennis on 5th January 2015

Thank you so much for your daily holiday bulletins which gave us great pleasure. You are a good narrated and so are Freya & Adam. Hope you & Family are back home safely. XX

by Days on 5th January 2015

Lovely blue sky Julie, but quite chilly, 7 degrees when we got there in the morning! bit of a shock to the system! Thankyou for reading it Thay and Dennis, and for keeping in touch with your comments xx

by nan's hub on 6th January 2015

Well I must say that I am impressed (and as you know I am not easily impressed). I am impressed that you managed to cram so many experiences into your Big Day Trip. Not so much the countries that you visited but the different forms of local transport that you used and the various types of accommodation that you stayed in to find out what those places are really like. You don't get those experiences on Thomas Cook Tours! Very adventurous and most brave. Good for you.
(So where to next? Might I be right in thinking that Australia could be beckoning - maybe permanently? Why not?)

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