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by sam on 11th April 2017 3 comments

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Start of the hydro attack

When in Queenstown it would seem rude not to join in some of the awesome activities available...well at least that's what these adrenaline junkie children of mine thought anyway...and when it's everywhere around you, advertised left right and centre, it's hard to say no!!

So today Adam did a ride on the Hydro-attack, Freya went on a Segway tour and John went on a Lord of the Rings tour. I can tell you much about his tour, as I switched off pretty quickly after he started talking about it (but in my defence he has pointed out and talked a lot about sites of LOTR/Hobbit filming!!!) but hey went somewhere on a bus and saw some ...stuff on some land somewhere!

Liss didn't want to go in any of this stuff, she just wanted to go back to the lakeside park again to keep trying the monkey bar thing again...easy, done!

The first image for blog - When in Queenstown

The hydro-attack is a little semi-submersible boat pod thing for 2 people, in the shape of a shark. They speed about above and below water, and can jump vertically in the air up to 18ft. You get about 15 minutes in there, and apparently is fine for kids from about 6 to go in!! Adam really really really wanted to bungee jump, (and apparently that one is fine for 10 years old plus!!) but that was a non-negotiable No from me, so this one actually felt relatively ok compared to a bungee!

They did a whole bunch of jumps and a whole bunch of dives, most of them in the next bay so I could only photo a few bits but he said it was great. I ended up buying the USB of the go-pro camera inside the shark just to see what he was really like in there, I can't download it but to be honest, he looked a little bored!!! He said the water in the lake was so clear you could see the bottom, and really turquoise blue- not sure they were the details I'd have noticed if it was me.

The first image for blog - When in Queenstown

Frey chose a Segway tour for an hour, she was a bit nervous doing it by herself, but as J was on his tour and I had Liss too, it was that or not do the Segway, so she decided to try. It ended up being about an hour and a half by the time they finished. They went along the beach front and up into the big park. She really enjoyed it.

Queenstown is expensive, there is no getting away from it, even our cabin a few miles out of town was a bit of a budget-breaker and has no really useable kitchen or bathroom, we have literally had cabin fever on top of each other in it, so it's actually been great to do our own thing for a little bit to get some relief, but it's beans on toast for the next weekend a half!

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by Vicky on 13th April 2017

Life is for living. Glad you are all having fun x

by Claire on 13th April 2017

Lots of fun! Why no bungee jump though? And what was your treat Sam?

by Days on 13th April 2017

Too right Vick! Claire, we went to AJ Hacketts original bungee site and he was in tears he wanted to do it so badly but I just couldn't let him do it at 11, it's not right, loved watching him zoom off in the shark though, can't put the video of him jumping on here! My treat was coffee in peace :-))

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