Tropical Christmas

by sam on 25th December 2014 6 comments

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Santa came!

Merry Christmas to all our lovely friends and family from sunny Fiji!!

We have had an absolutely glorious day on the beach; it's not been traditional for the most part, but the kids (mainly Adam) woke up early, santa managed to find us and we had chicken for Christmas dinner but that's where the similarity ends!

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Our "usual" breakfast (they have kept our breakfast the same everyday as the kids loved it so much..) Passion fruit, mango and pineapple from the garden, honey from the neighbours, an egg and these little puffed up fijian pancakes... Just yum!

I don't think we'll get this kind of individual Service in the resort on the island we are moving to tomorrow!

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Bamboo gathering for the house, after raft sailing failed!

We spent the morning on the beach, sunbathing, playing with abandoned bamboo rafts (unsuccessfully trying to lift them back in the water!) and building bamboo houses.

The Coast here is surrounded by a coral reef breakwater about 200m off shore so the water inside this lagoon area is practically current free and at most only up to our belly height, perfect for nervous snorkelers.

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Adam practicing his swordsmanship

Even without swimming we could walk Liss out 10m to see nemo fish, blue/yellow fish, sea cucumbers (Euw... Small fish hide inside their bums!!) and black and white striped fish plus some beautiful bright blue starfish that Iseo, the owner here, showed the kids how to pick up :-). Frey enjoyed using her underwater camera today!

Poor old Adam's hand managed to come across a hornets nest this afternoon, in one of the trees in the garden. It swelled up pretty quick, and is still pretty big now, despite Fiji's finest natural remedies all being bestowed on it (and a sneaked in western dose of piriton!) but, I think he was more distressed that he couldn't use that hand to play with Santa's little lego set!

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Christmas dinner was an traditional Fijian Lovo Feast. These stones were all placed in a roaring fire for an hour, then the hot stones put in a pit in the soil, it was then lined with coconut tree branches, the meat and veg were wrapped in banana leaves and placed on the top. It is then covered with more banana leaves, wet hessian, a tarp and then buried in more soil and left for a few hours to steam/roast/bubble.

The final dinner ended up as 7 different dishes including chicken, stuffed beef and pork belly, tapioca leaves in coconut milk and fern and tomato salad. We all ate well!

So, we will miss the Queen's speech and the turkey sandwiches, but as a one off, it was a pretty great way to spend Christmas Day :-)

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by Julie on 25th December 2014

Glad you all enjoyed a great day. Am loving Adams glasses and hope his hand is better soon. Just put the oven on this end for the Christmas dinner. Yours sounded very interesting. Xx

by Big Sis on 25th December 2014

All sounds lush xxx

by Granddad on 25th December 2014

Merry Christmassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

by the Chorleys on 26th December 2014

Sorry to hear about Ad's hand, hope it feeling better already. We had way too much lovely sunshine for a white Christmas here but still got dark early so that trying to play cricket at 3.30 with a dark red ball was tricky! Much love and best wishes for the New Year xxxxx

by Nan's Hub on 26th December 2014

Nice to see you back in "Robinson Crusoe" mode. Much better than the city stuff, isn't it? Incidentally there are no photos of "Robinson" himself (previous comment refers). Is he too busy taking photos?

by Vezz on 30th December 2014

Looks like you had a great Christmas certainly different to the usual . Poor Adams hand too . Hope you guys are all well looking forward to seeing you all lots of love and a happy new year kisses and hugs xxxx

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