Queenstown LUUUGGGE!!

by sam on 10th April 2017 4 comments

The first image for blog - Queenstown LUUUGGGE!!

We got to go on a luge again! We did this is Rotarua in the North Island when we came over 2 1/2 years ago, and all loved it, so we were really excited to have another chance to do it. Adam wants to speak to North Somerset Council and get them to agree to building one on Crooks Peak that we can all manage!!

Basically you get a cable car (gondola here) up the bulk of the mountain, then grab a helmet and get on the ski lifts to go up to the final part of the mountain to the top of the Luge tracks. This one has two tracks, the blue one you must do first to get your hand stamped, then once stamped to show proficiency you can use either the blue or red one. The red one is steeper and faster...lot ads of fun, even for a wimp like me!

The first image for blog - Queenstown LUUUGGGE!!

We got a ticket with 5 rides each, and the boys ended up foregoing their ice cream to buy one more run each. Liss was amazing, she rode with one of us last time, but this time she wanted to try by herself. I wasn't convinced she would have the arm strength to steer and accelerate as both speed and direction are done by pushing/pulling/turning the handle, there are no foot controls but she did a fab job, she was buzzing. Aside from a couple of false stops on the first run where she slowed so much on the bends that's she stopped then it's a bit tricky to get going again, ("but the signs say to slow down!!") she loved it. She had to stay on the blue run, so we all did a race each with her, and the other times we went on the red.

The first image for blog - Queenstown LUUUGGGE!!

Adam and the girls on the ski lift

The views from the top are stunning, overlooking Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu, we had great weather which was lovely to. We are totally in love with Queenstown, it has such a lovely feel to it, it's busy compared to other places we've stayed but it feels so chilled. Freya has sussed out that the school uniforms here are way nicer than they were back near Dunedin where the tartan skirts wear mid calf length compared to knee length here!!! Houses are a bit pricey though 😂😂

We've spent the afternoon on the lake beach, on the rope swing, at the park, eating our highly-acclaimed Fergburgers (only 20 minute wait!) back on the beach planning tomorrow's activities.... There's way too much choice!

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by Eileen Crosbie on 12th April 2017

Well done Elissa, no way could I do even the blue run!!! Sounds like you are all having fun and enjoying the different environment.

by Dad on 12th April 2017

looks like great fun!!

by Vicky on 13th April 2017

Hhmmmmm ;-)

by Days on 13th April 2017

Yes thanks Eileen, having a fab time, enjoyed a nice relaxing day today though! Only looking Vick, waaaayyy too expensive in Queenstown and cold in winter as its a ski resort!

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