Plantation Island

by sam on 26th December 2014 4 comments

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Getting the boat to our next island

We had breakfast early at Beach Cocomo,and then said our "motheys" (goodbyes) and headed to the marina at Denarau to get the boat to Malolo Leilei, a small Fijian island off the west coast, also known as Plantation Island.

The first image for blog - Plantation Island

Our new island

It is a beautiful island you can walk the perimeter of in an hour, crystal clear turquoise sea; a totally shameless family resort with kids clubs, swimming pools, cocktails and evening entertainment.

It is not at all what we have been doing for the last few weeks, but for 48 hours we are all happy to indulge in a bit of cultural time-out, and probably a lot of "charge it to our room please"...and that's pretty much it :-)

The first image for blog - Plantation Island

Waiting for lunch in snack bar

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by Granddad on 26th December 2014

Nice to indulge. Looks great. This is the place for me. I'm sure the kids loved it. xx

by kerry on 26th December 2014

Merry Christmas to you all, it looks like you are having a fantastic time. Missed going for a Costa on my birthday, that will seem really boring for you now. All our love xxx

by Rachel on 28th December 2014

Enjoy that indulgence :) xxxx

by Days on 5th January 2015

Never of bored of Costa Kerry! All of this has been amazing but we have still missed everyone loads, hope you had good birthdays both of you, will need to do 2 trips to Costa to celebrate for you both xx

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