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by lissy on 4th January 2015 4 comments

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Betsy the campervan

On our trip, we went in Betsy, the campervan, and it was called Bouncing Betsy, because she was so bouncy! I sleeped with my brother called Adam, we sleeped on the top bunk, it was on top of Daddy's driver seat. I liked it up there because in Australia all the rules didn't let me on the top bunk (because I'm too little, you had to be 8 or higher than that, like 9 or 10).

There was a net up there that stopped me from falling out. It was a little bit scary because it was dark in the night time but we had little curtains on our windows to see out of. It feeled like a secret den.

The first image for blog - My best things

Betsy was my favourite place we stayed in on the trip. My favourite country we went to was Hawaii, they said Aloha for hello. I liked Hawaii best because it was very sunny.

My favourite thing we did was going swimming, we did lots of swimming. Sometimes we did swimming in the sea, and in Thailand there was fishes in the water, they nibbled my Mummy loads. I got really good at swimming on my own in the deep water.

The first image for blog - My best things

Bamboo house building with my brother

On holiday I had Christmas in Fiji. It was very good and I got Sylvanians from Santa. It was actually quite hot, I played at the beach all day. Me and Adam made a house out of wood.

For breakfast we had pancakes, honey like my name, egg and passion fruit and pineapple and all sorts. For our dinner, we had chicken and porky, they cooked all the food in the banana trees under the ground with the hot stones. I liked the porky best!

My favourite thing on the whole trip was feeding the kangaroos and seeing the koalas, because I never seen koalas before.

The first image for blog - My best things

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by nan's hub on 6th January 2015

Hi Lissie, Really loved your Blog and pics. What you said made me smile. It sounds as though you had a really excellent trip.
Oh and where I live we say "Hola" (pronounced 'Ola) instead of Hello which sounds a bit like Aloha, doesn't it? We get loads of sun too. We also have Camper vans but sadly no kangaroos! It's a funny old world, isn't it????

by Aunty Ellie on 6th January 2015

This is so sweet Lissy, I love all of your pictures xxx

by Claire on 6th January 2015

What a lovely blog and pictures!

by Ali on 6th January 2015

Wow Liss what a fab time you had - can't wait to see you and catch up (I think Luke will want to give you a big hug and sloppy kiss) x x x

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