Holding Koalas, feeding kangaroos and deadly snakes!!!!

by freya on 14th December 2014 6 comments

The first image for blog - Holding Koalas, feeding kangaroos and deadly snakes!!!!

On Monday, we went to the Billabong Koala sanctuary in Townsville, it was one of the best days I have had so far on our trip. Because Lissy absolutely loves koalas, as soon as we got there we went to see them. But we got a bit distracted by the kangaroos, and started to spend about half an hour feeding them!!! Their mouths were very slobbery, especially the big ones. The joey wasn't so bad though, he was called Boomer.

After that, we went to a little shed, where the top three most dangerous snakes in the world lived!!! One if the snakes, I can't remember what it's called, could kill 60 adults in one bite. But I didn't stay in there for long, as I don't really like snakes.

The first image for blog - Holding Koalas, feeding kangaroos and deadly snakes!!!!

Turtles following me!

Next we fed a Cassowary some grapes. The cassowary is the weirdest bird I have ever seen. It had layers and layers of fur which looks like hair, he had a neck as long as a ostrich, and every time it stares at you, you feel like running for you're life. It's sooooo freaky!! They are the third tallest birds in the world, and the second heaviest birds in the world; cassowaries can grow up to be 80 kilos at the most!!!

Soon after, we fed the barramundi eels and turtles. As the water was very mucky, all we could see of the eels was their silhouettes, but we could spot the turtles quite easily. Did you know that the barramundi eels are always born as males, then approximately three years later they turn into females!! How odd is that!! When the turtles had finally swam to us, we fed them slimy smelly strips of fish skin. Lissy ran away, because it smelt disgusting, and after two turns I decided to stop too. Most of the turtles had moss growing on them, manly because they never moved out of the water.

The first image for blog - Holding Koalas, feeding kangaroos and deadly snakes!!!!

Later on during the day there was a koala show, they told us that koalas only eat eucalyptus tree leaves. Also they rest up to 20 hours a day, mainly because the eucalyptus tree leaves don't give them any energy, it is like us just eating lettuce all of the time. Although they don't look like it, koalas are marsupials. Marsupials are animals with pouches to carry their young, until they are ready to defend themselves; just like kangaroos. After the show, it was picture time, and I got to carry a koala!! At first it's claws grabbed onto my shoulder quite hard, which were about an inch long, but soon it settled down and cling onto me like I was a tree.

The first image for blog - Holding Koalas, feeding kangaroos and deadly snakes!!!!

About half an hour later was the reptile show, and we got to hold a 3 year old saltwater crocodile, but it's mouth did had to be tapped shut so it couldn't snap, Adam had a picture with it. Then we held a 6ft snake. I didn't particularly like this snake, and it didn't really help that the head was on my side!!!

Before lunch we went to see the last show, the crocodile show. The man that ran this show, was showing us the behaviour of a croc and how they leap and grab its pray. The second crocodile we saw was to show us how they catch their pray. Crocodile have extremely good hearing. When they are in the water, they can hear all of the vibrations on the ground above. They can even hear if you tip toe around everywhere. The man also nearly got eaten, because the crocodile was chasing him.

The first image for blog - Holding Koalas, feeding kangaroos and deadly snakes!!!!

After a long morning, we eventually had lunch. I had lovely, but salty, chicken nuggets, and a bit of my mums delicious meat pie (my favourite!!!) Soon after that we all got into the car and drove off. I wonder what amazing other things we will do??!!

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by Nan on 14th December 2014

Sounds amazing Frey! Hope Liss didn't sneak a koala in her rucksack.

by Granddad on 14th December 2014

What a morning Freya. Funny enough Freya, Whatarecassowaries are a tribe of Indians here in Brazil. (They have never seen 80 kilo birds before) xx

by toby on 14th December 2014

i like your blog

by Ali B on 15th December 2014

Good use of connectives there Freya!!!! Love the Koala picture - I'll have to show Luke it later x x

by Lily on 17th December 2014

Hi Frey, it sounds like you are having an amazing time. Love seeing all the photos of you and the snake looks so scary. We all miss u so much xxxx

by Freya on 17th December 2014

Miss you to lily xxx

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