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Overlooking Hobbiton

This is about our trip to the Hobbiton movie set.

We got to Hobbiton and parked up. We had lunch and me and daddy had a bacon and egg bagget. Then we got our tickets and got on a old school bus to the movie set. I could not wait to see it because I am a big fan of the films.

First we walked across Gandalf's cutting, this is where Gandalf rode his cart to bag end in the fellowship of the ring (lord of the rings 1). Then we saw the vegetable pach and saw our first two hobbit holes. Our tour guide told us that all the holes are different. When I saw the first holes I felt really excited.

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Bag end
Bag end is where bilbo and frodo Baggins hobbit hole is. On the top of the hole is a tree in The Lord of the rings it is a real tree and in the hobbit it is a fake tree to make it look younger. Bag end has a green door and it is a circle it was the only hole with an interior, all the others there were just a door outside.

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Bag End

The green dragon
The green dragon is a pub for the hobbits, in the film it got burned down and they built a replica of it for the tours. When we got to the green dragon we got a free drink I had ginger ale it was very nice. Mummy got us 2 cookies to share it was also very yummy.

I really enjoyed my day at Hobbiton, it was my favourite part of the whole trip!

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Sam's house

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by nan's hub on 6th January 2015

Hola Adam, I had a strange feeling that Hobbiton was going to be your fav. Don't know why? Maybe is was the huge grin on your face and you leaping up and down a lot which gave it away! What do you think? Actually, and between you and me, I think that Hobbiton would have been my fav too. Much better than smelly old volcanoes! I bet your friends will be really jealous because, let's face it, everyone loves the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films (well I do but Nan is not so keen!).

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