Getting close now

by freya on 26th November 2014

Yay!! Yesterday I had my last day of school! I feel like a baby bird leaving its nest for the first time. Even though I am going to have an astonishing trip, I'm really going to miss all of my friends and I'm sure they are going to miss me too. At the end of the day, all my school mates came out of the classroom and gave me a massive hug; although I did nearly fall into the mud!!!

The first image for blog - Getting  close now

To remind me where I'm going.

Also at school yesterday I made an amazing star shaped thing out of paper, that I coloured in and wrote all of the countries we're going to so I don't forget! (Not that I think it's possible!) After lunch my teacher told me about a kind of chocolate bar from New Zealand; called Perky Nana's. They are a mustard yellow on the inside, with a thick mouthwatering layer of chocolate around the outside.

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