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by sam on 4th December 2014 3 comments

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View from the roof top terrace at the Hostel

We landed in Sydney at 7.50 this morning. We have jumped forward a further 4 hrs, so are now 11hrs ahead of GMT, but amazingly the kids still don't seem to have noticed this time change, although they are very tired today after only about 6 hours sleep each on the plane. It's not ideal but today was our only day to see the central Sydney sights and we are very lucky that our hostel is literally about 4 buildings up from the start of the Harbour Bridge!

The first image for blog - G'day Mate

Close up of the Opera House

We walked around the Harbour bridge and the Sydney opera house, it just so amazing to see them in real life after seeing so many iconic pictures for years. Wow! We had north never realised the Opera house is actually 3 separate buildings and is actually very yellowy/gold up close. The kids were not quite as in awe as us, they were more impressed with the double decker underground train we got from the airport!

The first image for blog - G'day Mate

Shame we didn't bring towel or spare clothes...!

After some brunch on the harbour, we were all flagging a bit so we decided to go on the ferry to the Darling Harbour/quarter where we had heard there was a great park and water area for the kids. The ferry was a nice short way of going out into the harbour to see it all without spending too long out there, as Adam and I were feeling a little seasick after last nights flight. The reports were right, the area was lovely and had a fab place for the kids to run about and get their second wind. Liss got absolutely soaked in the water area and had a fab time. They've not really had any opportunity to run free In open spaces in Thailand, there just weren't really any, so I think it did us all good!

We're now all checked into our Youth Hostel, our family room is really lovely, with unexpected bonus of an ensuite. The hostel is built on stilts over a big archeological dig, imaginatively named the "big dig", and there are exhibits of all that they have found around and there is supposedly a great roof terrace up top..but for now it's time to go get the washing out of the dryer and get some zzzz's (you see, it's not all fun and idyllic here... the kids are still squabbling, fighting over the iPad, itching with nits and losing teeth, and the sole fell of Lissy's trainer this afternoon...which reminds me, I need to superglue it back before bed...) :-)

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by Nan's Hub on 5th December 2014

Your Hostel is in a fabulous location. What a view!

by Granddad on 5th December 2014

Glad you arrived safe and well. Great pic of Liss getting little wet xx

by Days on 6th December 2014

Yes hostel was so central and had amazing views, we loved it there!

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