First Day, Waterfalls and Death Railway!!!

by freya on 30th November 2014 2 comments

Despite the sweltering, tropical weather here in Thailand, not everything is regretful, as I didn't really want to come here before now. When we disembarked the plane, at 10:20, we were all very confused because we didn't understand any of the language. But we finally got our luggage and our taxi. Our taxi, which took us too Kanchanabhuri, took us two and a half hours and we all slept on the way.

On the way to the hotel, we came across some corn on the cob. It wasn't the normal corn on the cob, we had to peel the skin off then munch away. After we got settled into our lovely, but boiling room, we decided to set of and have a little look around. As we looked around, I saw nine 7-elevens (food shop) - apparently they are very popular here. Eventually we found a little café called Tara, and we all had a juicy refreshing drink. I had a mango shake, I didn't particularly like it so I just drank my mum's watermelon one.

On Saturday, we saw the Erawan Waterfalls, which has seven different levels. My family and I only went up to level five, as it was very tiring. At one point we had a little dip in the water, my mum stood still in the water, then about fourty fish came along and starting nibbling at her feet. My mum said it tickled, but I wouldn't dare to do it myself!!!! After lunch, which was really appetising, we went to the hellfire pass. The Hellfire Pass is a place in Thailand where thousands of American and English soldiers were kept captured by the Japanease, and were forced to mine and build a railway track from Bangkok to Burma. Finally today we visited the Death railway. We all had an ice-cream, then we went on a train. But when we looked down, eeeeeek it was soooooo high.

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by Grandad on 1st December 2014

Nice story Freya.

by Rachel on 22nd December 2014

You write really nicely Frey, your adventures sound amazing x

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