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by sam on 24th December 2014 7 comments

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Our bure by the sea

Yesterday we flew from Auckland to Fiji where we will spend christmas :-)

Fiji is made up of 333 islands, we are staying on the Coral coast of Viti Letu, which is the main land, for a few days then moving on to one of the much smaller islands, off the West coast, after that for a couple more days.

The first image for blog - Fiji time

Sunset on arrival in Fiji

Our lodgings here are called Beach Cocomo, it only has two wooden huts (known as Bures here) about 15ft back from the Pacific Ocean, and a little "cafe" and that is it. It is run by a Korean lady and a Japanese surf instructor who have lived here for 20+ years, they really can't do enough for us. The other bure has an American couple staying who keep themselves to thenselves so it feels like we're here alone most of the time.

I say "cafe" because they don't serve drinks, it's BYO everything except water, and there is no menu... You tell them the day before what meals you will be here for, They ask what your dietary requirements are and then they provide some delicious Korean/Japanese/Fijian dishes at set time in a little Palm roofed bamboo dining area with sand floor. Some of the dishes are a bit odd (to our palate at least) but we've tried it all; J even tried sushi for the first time and survived!

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The kava ceremony

We took a trip inland today to the Navua river. We were granted permission to visit a traditional Fijian village there, the chief of the village has to accept you before you can enter and a Kava ceremony then proceeds.

The kava ceremony involves using a root vegetable and mixing it with water to produce this grey/brown muddy looking liquid. The kava is said to be alcohol free but have similar effects on the body, it makes your lips tingle instantly! It tastes absolutely rank though!

The first image for blog - Fiji time

After that we were given lunch there and invited to see some traditional Fijian crafts being made, and see the preschool in the village too... Very different to Little Acorns!!

We then took a long boat ride upriver to an inlet where the biggest waterfall we have seen yet lay. The force of the water entering the pool was so strong it was impossible to get too close but at the other side of the pool it was great.

The first image for blog - Fiji time

Makeshift xmas tree :-)

We took the slow option of the bamboo raft back. The guides said it only took them half hour to build it hehe! They kind of push it along like a gondola... Hard work!

So the kids are in bed, our makeshift tree is decorated and we are sat out on the veranda listening to the ocean, waiting to see if Santa will find us in Fiji :-)

(And yes, fiji has no decent wifi so pics on the iPhone only again. Will update the pics when can xx)

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by Nan's Hub on 24th December 2014

And very Happy Xmas to you all (if my Time Zone calculations are correct you are now well into Xmas Day). From the great photos I expect that you will have an unforgettable one. Looks lovely. Most different and very South Pacific! You lucky things.

by Nan on 24th December 2014

Wow! It all looks absolutely amazing. Happy Christmas lovely people xx

by Granddad on 24th December 2014

All looks really remote but fun. John still trying different food stuff, amazing ha! ha!
Anyway, John, Sam, Freya, Ado and Lissy have a great Christmas. We are thinking of you all. Dad and Rosa xxxxx

by Grammy/gramps on 24th December 2014

Looks absolutely wonderful can even imagine the warm sea sensational pics thanks to nanny have enjoyed every blog happy Xmas to you all. l lots of love and hugs from stamford

by The Hodders. on 24th December 2014

How did you find these places Sam!!! You must if done so much research! Han a fab Christmas Day. Amber says merry Christmas to Frey. Xx

by Claire on 24th December 2014

I love Fiji. Have a wonderful Christmas. Unwrap even more wonderful memories. I can't believe anyone drunk Kava.
Hope you don't die.

by Julie Francis on 24th December 2014

Wow all looks amazing. Not jealous really?! Just wanted to you Sam and all the family a very Happy Christmas and New year. Hope you all a very special one. Still only Christmas eve this end. Hope you keep having lots of fun. Xx

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