Elissa first blog- dictated verbatim

by lissy on 14th December 2014 3 comments

The first image for blog - Elissa first blog- dictated verbatim

Me stood in front of the Three Sister rocks in the Blue Mountains

Elissa first blog, dictated exactly.

Hello everyone, this is Elissa and this is my first blog.

At the moment I am sat on a plane to Cairns at the top of Australia. We have just been staying up Sydney and we seen the Blue Mountains and the "three sisters", they are three big rocks. They are by loads and loads of trees that are down, down, down. It rained in the forest, it was a rainforest. Daddy bended down and got some mud water and it was very fresh to drink and it didn't have any mud in it. The water came out out of the rocks!

The first image for blog - Elissa first blog- dictated verbatim

Swimming with Frey and Ads next to the river Kwai

Last week we went to Thailand. I went there with my brother, my sister and my mum and dad. We stayed there and we went in the swimming pool loads that was right next to the river.

We saw the elephants in Thailand, and we feeded the elephants with bananas for breakfast first. And for lunch we actually did hide the food for the elephants to find. I hided some in the tyre swing and the bushes. I cut the vegetables too, what we made to make sweet rice for the elephants what had no teeth. In the afternoon, we cleaned the elephants with muddy water in the river, it was good, but not bad!

The first image for blog - Elissa first blog- dictated verbatim

Feeding the elephants

Everyone in Thailand taked pictures of me, because I have blonde hair. They squeezed my arms and my face lots. It was annoying!

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by Sam R on 16th December 2014

Great first blog Lissy, I really enjoyed reading it! x

by Auntie Ellie on 20th December 2014

Only just read this lissy, fab blog xxx Miss you loads xxx

by Rachel, Ash and Emily on 24th December 2014

Great blog, good descriptions and it made us smile, clever girl :)

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