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Last week, when we were in Thailand, my family and I all went to Elephants world. It's where you get to learn all about elephants, and how to look after them. Here is my review on it.

Elephant might look big and muscly, but are really not as strong as you think. If you want to learn more, then read on.

The first image for blog - Elephants

Feeding bananas to a blind elephant


For centuries, elephants have been used for logging. Logging is when people take elephants into the jungle, and use their trunks to pull out trees from the ground. This can rip their ears, and branches can fling into their eyes and blind them. So it is very dangerous. Also they are used in Southern Thailand for begging, which is when elephants are taken out into the streets, to earn money for the owners and not the animal. The elephants can get ran over by this and get very ill. Now both begging and logging is illegal in most places, as it can hurt them a lot.

The first image for blog - Elephants

Cleaning the elephants in the river

Elephants World

Elephants world is a elephant sanctuary in Thailand, where they take in elephants that are being abused or just need a home. It opened in 2009 with 3 elephants, now in 2014 they have 15, the most recent one came in 3 weeks ago. At elephants world, they always make sure that the elephants are clean and protected by the sun. Every day at about 2 o'clock, when it is hottest, they swim in the mud to act as sun-cream. Also at the end of the day, they go into the river and have a nice scrub.

The first image for blog - Elephants

Making the sticky rice

Some older elephants don't have teeth or need special pills, so most carers make sticky rice balls. Sticky rice balls are balls of sticky rice, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, pills and vitamin powder. Also several times during the day, they have some fruit like bananas, pumpkin, cucumber and much more depending on their diet.

In conclusion, elephants world's aim is to rescue and save elephants from abuse, and they have now successfully achieved this. For example, an elephant came in massively underfed, they gave her the sticky rice balls, and now she is better than ever. Let's hope this good work continues.

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Great one Freya. Really enjoyed this blog. Very interesting. Really well written. lots of love xxxx

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Nice one Frey, good blogging. More please:-D

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