Driving up to London

by adam on 26th November 2014 2 comments

The first image for blog - Driving up to London

Reading up on the info

*added to blog site very late after the draft paper copy was missing for days..!

Hi I'm Adam and I am writing this first blog. I am curuntly in a car to London. It is 4.47 pm and I am on my way to my family's house.

Tomorrow I'm going to the airport. I'm felling quite scared about my trip. My first destonation is Thailand, it will be very hot unlike hear.

The most exciting place yo me is New Zealand and to see the Shire.

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by Little Sis on 6th December 2014

Hey Ads, it's lovely to read your post, can you write another one soon about your adventures so far? Lots of love, Aunty Ellie xxx

by Days on 6th December 2014

Started it yesterday Auntie Ellie and Lissy has just finished hers too...xx

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