Chocolate and Rocks

by sam on 8th April 2017 3 comments

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Ducks for breakfast

The kids have loved this campsite, all the old bikes trikes and balls around with the sea views and plenty of space to run round, it's not the fanciest of places but we could have happily stayed a week.

We've caught up on washing and had a nice relaxing morning breakfast outside.

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Next stop was the Moeraki Boulders just up the road. These spherical rocks protruding from the beach vary from a foot wide to about 7-8ft diameter. Some are broken into pieces, but all of them are only half protruding with the rest buried. There are dozens of them, but as the tide is coming in we can't see all of them.

Us, and half of the South Island decided to visit these today it seems, they are a real tourist trap, so between the coach loads of tourists and the pro-photographers with their tripods set up to get that one elusive shot, there's not a huge amount of space around, but they are great fun to climb on, and use my camera remote to take silly selfies with (if we were quick!), and to hatch out of.

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Our little Bach tonight is in the centre of the city of Dunedin. Dunedin is a university right down on the south east of the South Island. It's very Scottish in feel (I assume that's down to the original settlers here) and very pretty in the sunshine, though being so far south I am sure it gets pretty cold in winter!

Our little cottage is on Baldwin Street, officially the steepest residential street in the world according to the Guiness book of records, steeper teen than that one in San Francisco. Fortunately ours is in the flatter section at the bottom before it cranks up to 1:2.89. Cars are just about managing to screech up in 1st gear, but I wouldn't want to coast back down again!

The kids thought they could run up it with no stopping, haha, J offered them $10 if they succeeded! Frey ran but had had to stop for breathers, Liss didn't stop for breathers but didn't run, and ever one for a challenge, Adam ran all 389m to the top without stopping, I have no idea how!!!! He pretty much wanted to curl up in a ball at the top, pale and nauseous, but there is a bench and a water fountain ready and waiting for you. Getting down was almost as hard, you have to adjust your centre of gravity, they have steps rather than a path, and the surface is made of somethings rougher than Tarmac, so you skid less and so that when its hot in summer the tar doesn't melt down the street!

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We went on a tour of the only Cadbury factory in NZ, supposedly it is due to close next year, but for now you can take an hour tour, similar to one in Birmingham we did a few years ago, get some freebies, try some melted chocolate with sprinkles in it, and have day off mountain and lake viewing!

Our tour guide was hilarious, she loved her job and was great at it, however, she (like the rest of NZ apparently!) likes marshmallow in their chocolate ... Pinkys, Fish, snowball, and the only tolerable one, the Perky Nana (as introduced to us by Mrs Clarke 3 years ago!)

We walks up inside the huge purple silo that smelt of glorious chocolate, and had a great view from the top over Anderson's Bay and the rest of Dunedin. The shop was utter carnage with people going crazy for the big bars of chocolate on a 4 for $10 deal (they are about $6-7 each in the supermarkets!!) ...we may have bought a couple!

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Dunedin train station

We also visited Dunedin train station, allegedly the 2nd most photographed building in the Southern Hemisphere (they are very proud of their stats here!) -it is very grand. Next door we found a lovely little Saturday morning food market which loads of yummy tasters to try- J bought homemade shortbread, (told you it was Scottish!) the girls shared a crepe, I bought some spicy sauce stuff to take home....Adam chose a fresh cayenne chilli pepper to have with dinner!

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by Dad on 10th April 2017

Weather looks better. Nice photos on the beach. It's a long way to go for a Dairy Milk though!!

by Vicky on 13th April 2017

Fair play Adam. Hope dad paid up?! X

by Days on 13th April 2017

It is a long way to go for a Dairy Milk, should have just gone to Morrisons Pops!! Ads definitely got his 10 bucks though Vicky, he well deserve it!! It made St Michaels hill look like a doddle.

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