Blue Mountains

by sam on 5th December 2014 7 comments

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The Skyway.

The Blue Mountains is a huge mountain range outside of Sydney. We got the train today from Sydney, 100km to Katoomba to visit the Three Sisters and the Katoomba Falls. There are 3 ways of seeing these sights easily, one ticket from the aptly named "scenic world" lets you try all 3.

The first image for blog - Blue Mountains

Jamison valley from skyway

The Blue Mountains are not technically mountains, but actually canyons and valleys carved from rivers running through. (That's J's contribution there if you didn't guess!) The blue bit comes from the fact that they are completely covered in trees, mostly eucalyptus, that secrete oil from their leaves that is extracted by the sun. That combined with the dust and atmosphere created this permanent blue hue over the whole of this colossal area.

The first image for blog - Blue Mountains

The first thing we tried was the "Skyway", a horizontal cable car suspended over athe Jamison valley 270m below. It took about 2 minutes to cross slowly, and hovered in the middle for the best views of these three rocky outcrops, known as the Three Sisters.

The first image for blog - Blue Mountains

Next we tried the steepest railway in the world, the incline is at 52•, and quite frankly, was quite horrific travelling pretty much face down over, and through, the cliff face into the top of the rainforest canopy below!! The kids tell me I swore a lot and turned a lovely shade of green (impressive seeing as my face is currently sporting a rudolph-esque shade of bright red!... Sounds Christmassy together, no?)

We then spent an hour walking around the boardwalks in the rainforest, and found the freshwater Marangaroo spring coming out of the rocks to refill our water from, though it was not befitting Frey's hygiene requirements ;-)

The first image for blog - Blue Mountains

Orphan where the stairs and railings are from when it was a viewing platform 200m up!

The return back up the mountain on the railway was a lot less hairy, we were still facing downwards with stunning views but without the G-force!!

Just in time for the most intense rainstorm I've ever experienced, (kids learnt it's not called rainforest for nothing!) we got to the cafe for churros and coffee before the final part - the funicular "cableway" travelling 150m further down again, much more sedate, and with great views of the Katoomba falls, that had massively increased water flowage following the storm, and the Orphan rock... Another rickety sandstone/shale outcrop that, until 1974 was used to by tourists as a viewing platform.. Will let you look at the pictures to see how dumb that would be! :-)

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by Nan's Hub on 5th December 2014

Love the scenery.

by Julie Francis on 5th December 2014

Wow all looks beautiful. Glad you all survived the train ride! Xx

by lucy on 5th December 2014

This blog is better than anything on tv, even bod has missed startrek and neighbours in order to read blog updates! Youve been so busy You'll need a holiday when you get back!

by Hodders on 5th December 2014

Great blogs guys. Glad your having a fab time. Lee's uncle lives in the blue mountains so think we really should visit! Keep safe and enjoy this adventure xx

by Granddad on 6th December 2014

So, Bod missed Neighbours, never!! After watching her Dad eat anything that crawls Frey's hygiene requirements may have changed. Love all the latest pics and blog. Funiculi, funicularrrr xxxx

by Days on 6th December 2014

We always knew it was going to be crazy busy, but although I keep getting messages about how crazy it must feel moving about so much, here it really hasn't felt that fast and whirlwindy. It slows down a fair bit now, we're covering a good distance but it slowly and after New Zealand it's chill time :-). Yes Lou, you should def visit there! Very flattered Bod has missed Neighbours!!

by Sam R on 11th December 2014

WOW, not sure you'd have got me on that train!! Xx

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