Australian outback cowboy school

by adam on 14th December 2014 6 comments

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Cowboy training at Kroombit

Australian outback cowboys

A couple of days ago we went to kroombit park, in the Australian outback and the staff tought us how to be cowboys.

First I'm going to tell you how to lasso, so you get your lasso and make a loop as big as your foot to your hip. Then you role up the left over rope into a loop. Now your rope is in shape let's start the reel stuff. Ok first off you get the first loop and put it above your head and rotate it with your wrist. Next, when you want to throw the lasso you pull your arm back and let go of the lasso. When you throw the lasso you keep hold of the second loop and let go of the first loop. Next when you .have hit your target pull the lasso as tight as possible. Finally, we did a competition we had to lasso moving goats on the horns, this is called mustering the goats. Also we were in teams of 2 I was with mummy and we won.

In the evening we did lots of stuff, like riding an electronic bull , drank lots of coke, and ate yummy dinner. First I am going to tell you about the bull. It was as crazy as an upside down rollercoaster. First I did level 1, and we only held the thick, rough rope with one hand. My hands felt the tiniest bit numb when it finished. I pout the other hand in the air to help me balance. It was very slow, but quite bumpy. I stayed on so I went onto level 2. Level 2 was very speedy and made me jump around a lot. I fell off 5 seconds in.

The first image for blog - Australian outback cowboy school

Me and my horse, Muse

Then I learned how to use a wip and the next morning I rode on a horse. My horse was called muse and he was white. Before I felt scared that I would fall off and after I felt glad that I got off but I really enjoyed it. Only me Freya and mummy did it. Freya's horse was called Lucy and mummy's was called Alfonso. We rode all over the 10,000 acres garden. Muse peaed and Cept stopping and when muse stopped Lucy stopped and when muse went Lucy went.

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by Nan on 14th December 2014

Brilliant blog Ads xx

by Granddad on 14th December 2014

Good blog Ado. Hope you ate yummy dinner and drank loads of coke after the bull ride. xx

by Toby Berry on 14th December 2014

I love your blog and pictures.

by Grammy/gramps on 15th December 2014

Lovely to see you all and read your news so proud x

by Sam on 15th December 2014

Hi Grammy and Gramps, great to see you online again!!! Thankyou Toby x

by Rachel on 24th December 2014

Adam - I hope you can still remember how to lasso when you get home, perhaps you can show us :)

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