All the different animals

by lissy on 15th December 2014 3 comments

The first image for blog - All the different animals

Stroking Tinkerball the koala

When we were in Australia, we saw loads of different types of animals. We saw koalas, and one was called tinkerbell. And we saw kangaroos, and we feeded them. And I enjoyed it. We saw lots of turtles, and we feeded them fish skin, with all of my family.

The koalas had loads of eucalyptus leaves. The koalas were very tired, and did plots of sleeping.

The first image for blog - All the different animals

Boomer the baby kangaroo

We feeded lots of kangaroos. My favourite one was the very tiny kangaroo. And it was called a joey but it's name was called boomer. And we feeded them with seeds. When we feeded them with our hands they made them slobbery. By the koalas cages a big kangaroo was lying down on the floor under the shelter, and in the mummy's pouch the baby's body comed out. And then her hands pushed it back in her pouch.

The first image for blog - All the different animals

Mummy kangaroo with a tiny Joey in her pouch

Freya and Adam were sitting down on the bench under the umbrella, and Freya was scared by holding the snake. Freya was really really jumpy and scared and she didn't want to hold it anymore. I wonder what other animals I will see.

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by Nan on 15th December 2014

Great post Liss xx

by Granddad on 15th December 2014

Nice post Lissy. Your so lucky to see, touch and feed so many different animals. I have never been so close to so many animals. Have lots of fun on the North Island of New Zealand xxxx

by The Hodders on 22nd December 2014

What a great post lissy! Looks like your having such a great experience! X

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