7 tier waterfalls and bridges over the River Kwai

by sam on 29th November 2014 9 comments

The first image for blog - 7 tier waterfalls and bridges over the River Kwai

1st waterfall at Erawan national park

Busy morning with only time for toast and luke warm river water, sorry, I mean coffee, for breakfast. Picked up at 8am for a trip up to Erawan national park to see their 7 tiers of waterfalls.

In actual fact it spreads down over 2km and there are loads of smaller falls but the impressive bits are the 1-7. They are so super clear and turquoise at some levels and the others are amazing high drop falls! Impressive seeing as its dry season! The one thing they all have in common is the feet nibbling fish...we 're not talking little itsy bitsy nibblers here like you get i the shops at home, we're the talking super sized on-steroids gannets variety! And sqillions of them!!

The first image for blog - 7 tier waterfalls and bridges over the River Kwai

Hot Liss in the jungle!

After 2 1/2hrs of steep climbing and very nearly reaching the fifth level, we'd all had anough in 35 degrees heat so decamped back down the levels, stopping for a brief diving session in the 3rd waterfall pool for the boys and went to meet our guide for lunch. Pad Thai and Fried rice with fresh local watermelon and pineapple for pud...yum!

The first image for blog - 7 tier waterfalls and bridges over the River Kwai

Hell fire pass with one single tree that has grown

Next stop was the Hellfire Pass and its museum. During WWII 60,000 prisoners of war and 200,000 Thais were put to work carving a 400km railway from Bangkok to Burma through the mountains. They were worked for 18hr days with no breaks or water and if the heat and humidity was anything like today, it would have been unbearable within minutes. The hardest part to carve was this section.

The hellfire pass was so called as they had to work in candle light and the shadows the gaunt prisoners working cast on the slopes they were cutting through looked like a real life hell. There were lots of poppies dotted randomly in the rock faces, very poignant. 100,000 of these guys died... Cemetery visit on monday

The first image for blog - 7 tier waterfalls and bridges over the River Kwai

Last visit of the day was a trip on an old rickety Thai train on a part of the railway these prisoners of war built, about 50km away from the pass. It was the part of the line that the highest death rates while being built...it's easy to see why when you see how its built and where it sits. The only hospital along the 400km sat at the start of this bridge...

We couldn't get to the film version "real" bridge over the river kwai today but we passed plenty of others and saw it in the distance!

The first image for blog - 7 tier waterfalls and bridges over the River Kwai

The train was hot, uncomfy and bumpy but just fab...where else could you stand on the steps of the doorway leaning out to take pics of people further along while moving along the bridge 30m above the river??!

Sunset dip in the pool back at the guesthouse and dinner out at a different cafe tonight, cost us an extortionate £7 total for us all to eat and drink. Kids shattered, hot, grumpy at times but seem to be loving it so far :-)

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by Dad on 29th November 2014

I'm enjoying the trip so far. Love to all

by Nan on 29th November 2014

Really entertaining read and lovely pics. Can't wait for the next chapter xx

by Little sis on 29th November 2014

It looks absolutely amazing! Love the jumping in the waterfall pics xxx

by Nan-Hub! on 30th November 2014

Wow! How cool is that! Great pics. More posts please.

by Vicky on 30th November 2014

The waterfalls look fantastic, great photos!! X

by bodski on 30th November 2014

Looks great Bro. Give the kids a mupp from uncle bod. They're quite rare over in Thailand but see if you could pick me up a waving cat ornament. Only if you happen to see one mind:-D

by Days on 30th November 2014

Thanks guys, we're loving it too! Leaning out of the open train door was a little hairy tho! "Get more pictures, go down another step!" says the guide!! Will see what we can do on the waving cat Bodski ;-) xx

by Sonia on 30th November 2014

wow amazing, we have just sat on watched the film " the railway man" based on a true story about prisoners of war digging this railway. Must have been a moving visit. Hope the little ones are not too tired, keep on enjoying x

by Rachel on 22nd December 2014

Well the photos are amazing but nothing compares to J's enormous leap into the water :) brings a huge smile to my face!

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